So, with everything that I’ve had going on in the past week, I haven’t had too much of a chance to throw up a blog post about everything. And since there is STILL so much going on, I figure I should wait a little longer til everything really comes together before I blog about it. Sorry yall!

So with that being said, I was gonna ask you guys to do something for me! I have been getting into lots of different kinds of music over the past few months, and want to see if there is any music you guys totally love. I need a little inspiration on the music front, so just leave a comment with your favorite song, artist, music station, whatever, so that I can check it out. Next week, I will put up a list of my new favorites.

Hook me up here, folkies. I need some sweet, sweet music love!


So today was kind of cool. And by kind of cool, I mean pretty freakin’ amazing. I had a top-secret phone call with a top-secret someone about a top-secret project that I can’t tell you anything about. I know that is a lot of secrecy going on, but I am trying to be low-key about it. Ya know, take the “oh, it’s no big deal” stance. But secretly, on the very innards of my soul, I am freakin’ out (joyously).

My air of mystery isn’t just for fun, though. Because of the details of the project, I’m not sure how much I am allowed to say, etc., so please don’t be mad at me for keeping my big ol’ mouth shut. But here are some details that I CAN give…

Next week will bring a new project into my life. Hopefully that project will stay for months and months, but until next week, I can’t be sure of anything. But my top-secret project is something that I have always wanted to do. And the fact that this opportunity has fallen into my lap just further makes me believe that I am in Maryland for a reason. I try not to be superstitious. I try to make things happen for myself. But when opportunities come knocking, you can’t just shut the door in its’ face. (Well, you can, but why would you?).

So with that being said, updates are on the way. You all will be the first to know of any news! So check back, maybe early next week, if you are curious as to what the h-e-double-hockey-sticks I am talking about.

Whoa, what a weekend.

Before I get into it, here is a little background for you: I am 22 years old, which many of you would say is young. I agree. Yes, 22 is young. Not much older than 21. It has been a little over a year and a half since I have been allowed to legally partake in the tradition of consuming alcoholic beverages. But I am an old soul. I like classic things, like wine and naps. I read on Sundays and like to cook. I’m not one for “partying”, although I have been known to have a good time now and then in college. So my bar days, especially now that I have moved to Maryland, are few and far between.

So sometime yesterday morning/early afternoon (after a lovely morning at IKEA), I decided that it would be a good time to go visit a few friends in DC. Two of these girls were my sorority sisters in college (note the picture). These lady friends of mine are especially fun, and I never (and by never, I really mean never) know what to expect when I am around them. Random dance parties, shots, fist pumping (pre-Jersey Shore), fights with taxi cab drivers, etc., are some of the things I experience around these folks. I can’t even pretend to be upset about it, because it always makes for an awesome story.

This time was no different. I had my first experience with Russian Roulette, and not the Rihanna single. This game, which involves clear alcohol, water, shot glasses, and a lazy susan, has all the makings for a messy evening. Spin the lazy susan, and take whatever shot is in front of you, no hesitation. I was fairly lucky, until I picked up some gin. Yum, tasted like a Christmas tree. Tanqueray is not for me.

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I am about to hit up the gym. I am terribly excited and full of energy/motivation. Not.

And did I mention that this is what I am wearing (see left)? Pink is just my absolute favorite color (obviously)!

To be honest, I actually am ready to get back in the gym after the holidays. I am feeling stressed and more tired than usual, and I think it’s because I need to get rid of all that through a run or something. I was in great shape before Christmas, and then I kind of slacked off (I was sick, ok?). My only debacle is that I have to deal with ALL those people who have decided that it just the right time to get their butts in shape. Oh, New Year’s resolutions… I loathe thee!

So while I fight my motivation to actually move from the warmth of my house to the gym, I am now fighting against 23047018264192846 other people (that number may be a bit exaggerated) for a treadmill. Doesn’t help. But today is as good as any other day. Carpe Diem! I shall face the struggle whole heartedly! I am going to go, be awesome, fight against the current, and get on that treadmill and make it mine (but only for a half hour, because I can’t stay on longer due to ”respect for others’ privileges of machinery”). Bid me luck, for I will need it.

Brrrrrr. So. Cold.

I haven’t even gotten out of bed yet, it is THAT cold. I checked this morning: 24* but feels like 7*. For real? (Thank God for the Internet and the ability to do this without moving a muscle). But brrrr!┬áIt is my first winter in Maryland, and it has been nothing short of an interesting experience. It was hot and humid until late into fall, which then lasted five seconds. Winter swept in and it has been cold and icky ever since. We had a snow storm a few weeks back and we were trapped like cold and hungry little hermits.

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Well hello there.

It has been a while since I have written. A really long while. And to think that I used to blog at Blogspot… ichk! (I would link to my old blog, but after re-reading it, I am definitely saving you some time by not linking to it. Trust me!)

Either way, no big deal. Just writing a first post. Hopefully here you will be entertained and captivated, although I can promise neither of those.

So now, as I try to embrace WordPress and the blogosphere, I am simultaneously watching “The Way We Were.” Ya know, the story of two star-crossed lovers played by Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford (who was quite dreamy back in the day…is that weird to say? If so, just ignore it).

But anyways, I’m not sure that I buy that star-crossed lovers bit. It always seems to end in tragedy, no? Take Leonardo Di Caprio and Claire Danes. Er… Romeo and Juliet. Tragedy. I mean, what is so great about love that ends in suicide? Sounds pretty terrible to me. And I hope I’m not ruining the movie for you, but Barbra and Robbie don’t even end up together! What a waste of a movie. Such a shame. I should have watched Harry Potter…

I’m just saying…

So anyways, aside from the aside, welcome to my blog. Be ready for randomness.